Thursday, January 28, 2010

Inconsiderate People....

Oh how I can't stand them! 

Just a few examples:
I'm patiently waiting in line to return a couple of things at one of the nearby clothing stores while my daughter and A (little girl I babysit) touch everything in sight and make lovely messes. Messes that I pick up of course, because I'm considerate like that. There are two cashiers both seemed to be busy ringing up the items of the customers in front of me. As I stand there I realize only one of them is actually ringing things up. The other is chatting with the gals friend that was buying the things the other cashier is ringing up. Now normally how long can one cashier take to ring up 15 items? You wouldn't think very long. Wrong! First the chatty lady realizes her baby that is sitting in the cart has completely soaked through his diaper. Instead of stopping her mouth and taking care of the kid she picks him up and starts showing the other woman who was trying to find her wallet to get her credit card to pay for the items...which she needs rung up in two separate transactions I might add. They both start examining the poor kid and his diaper instead of just taking care of it and moving on. At about this point Joshua starts crying. The kids are still touching everything, the people waiting in line behind me are giving me nasty looks and I'm starting to get irritated and stressed out. Finally they stop the diaper talk, find the credit card and pay for the first purchase. The cashier hands her the first bag and starts to ring up the second set of items. The woman looks at the receipt and says "these pants are supposed to be $15 how come they rang up more?" So the cashier stops and goes and checks the price. Comes back and says that she looked at the wrong sign. The woman decides she doesn't want the pants. Are you kidding me?! The whole time the other cashier and other woman are still talking, my son is still crying, and the girls are now starting to run up and down the isle. The nasty looks are still coming with the added "why don't you control your children" looks thrown in. Blah, blah, blah the woman and cashier are still chatting. The second purchase is finally rung up and pants are in the process of getting refunded when a man walks up completly cutting everyone else in line. This gets Miss Blabby cashiers attention as he asks to speak with the manager. She responds that "shes not in but can she help him with something?" You have got to be joking?! I have been standing in line almost 10 minutes by now! The baby is still crying despite my efforts to quiet him, I'm near breaking point and she helps him??? You would think I would have been smart and just walked away at some point but nooooooo after all that I needed my $11.64! GRRR! 

If that doesn't prove my point....

We are in the mall this afternoon. The urge hits and dispite my disgust and near phobia of public restrooms I make my way in that direction. I approach the door of the Family restroom and find that it is "occupied". I have the stroller/carseat combo, two girls and myself, there is no way we are all fitting in the regular bathroom stall so I wait. And wait. And wait. By about minute 7 I start to think "this person better have 5 kids, what the heck is taking so long?" I seriously need to pee, Abigail is complaining because she wants to go play already and A is trying to make as many phone calls as she can on the pay phone despite my repeated instruction to not touch the phones. Finally the doors open. I expect to see a herd of kids run out but oh nooo! One lady walks out. Nobody else. Just one middle aged lady who apparently felt the need to take up the entire FAMILY bathroom for absolutely no reason! Okay fine, maybe she had a reason. Who knows. All I can tell you is it better have been a bad case of diarrhea!

I like to consider myself one of the few people that actually think about other people. Some might say thats a flaw but I like to think of it as an incredibly good quality. I do have to say that it's gotten me hurt many a time but at least I know I'm taking the high road.....

Now perhaps it is wrong to hate strongly dislike the ones who cross my path but come on! Think people! Use those brains once in a while. That really is why God provided them for you. So don't let them go to waste, kick those puppies on!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Can Knit!

So I feel like I am getting a jump start on my old age but I don't care because I LOVE it! Knitting is so fun and in a way very therapeutic. I feel like while I do it I can just kind of zone out and focus on thinking (or not thinking) about the stuff running through my head. I also love seeing my work in progress and finishing my first project felt so good! I started working on this scarf and it only took me a few weeks to finish it.  

Jason was kind enough to act as my scarf model. :P

Goofball! But doesn't that look like an awfully warm scarf!?

I made this scarf for my brothers girlfriend, Katie. This was her Christmas gift. I love the cute little box! Now back to knitting....:P