Monday, December 20, 2010

An Awesome Deal!

So Target had a clearance toy deal this Summer and I seriously got such an amazing deal! I got all of this for about $60!! Crazy amazing deal. Thank you Target! These toys covered most all our birthday party invite gifts and I got an awesome start on Christmas shopping! Love it! Just had to share.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

80’s Prom Party!!

*Oct 3rd*

What fun!!!! Some friends of ours invited us to this super “radicle” totally “awesome”,  “outstanding” party! We had a tubular (haha!) time. It was hilarious to see everyone all dressed up. Our hosts did an amazing job with decorations too. It was loads and loads of fun.

IMG_6232Jason and some of his buddies goofing around. Smile with tongue out864

Look at those costumes!835

My friend Tiffany and I…..Lookin’ good girly!IMG_6246Amanda and I. Funny gal!IMG_6239IMG_6265

My rock star 80’s hubby and his friend Sunny.IMG_6307

Haha!! Stroke that leather girl! 809822

The pink girls. Love it!IMG_6288

Oh yeah we had a blast! Totally a night to remember! :0)IMG_6285

Thanks Sunny and Tiff for the invite!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NEW Camera!!!

6/5 - I got the best deal EVER! A woman was selling her brand new (well technically 6 month old but never really used) Canon Rebel SXI on Craigslist for $500 I offered her $350 and she took it! It looks brand new. It came with a really nice camera bag, 2 lenses, a 4gig  memory card and a bunch of other stuff. Unbelievable deal!!!! What’s even better is that we sold my old camera (Canon sx10) for $250 so we only paid $100 for my new camera!!! Seriously I can not even express how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new camera!!!!!! :o)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Cake Post

A friends son was turning 11 and she asked me to make his cake. The request was a LEGO cake. It was super short notice but I managed to throw this together. I think it turned out pretty cute! Although I wasn’t asking for any money she even paid me for the cake! My very first cake purchase! Thanks MJ! 163

Happy Birthday Anthony!161


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Love Making Cakes!

I figured I would share some of my cake creations. 

A friend sent me the link to a blog and I thought it would be fun to enter their little giveaway. In addition to that I am actually making another neat cake tonight for my Mom's birthday that I would love to share too.

I've always been interested in making cakes. I started making them for my family members when I was about 10. However, it wasn't until I had children myself that I actually started really getting my hands dirty. I just recently started working with fondant which has been a blast! 

This was my very first fondant cake which I made for a baby shower:
The little guy sitting on top was by far the most challenging part. He sure is cute though, isn't he?
My second fondant creation was for my daughters 5th birthday party. Not perfect by any means, but I was still thrilled with how it came out.
For whatever reason I only took pictures of two sides instead of all three. The third side had another pretty bundle of flowers on it (seen to left in the picture above).
Some of my other cakes include:

Another baby shower cake for a friend.
This awesome dinosaur was for my sons 4th birthday party.
A fun pirate ship for my sons 5th birthday party.
This was a fun one! Wowsa was it work though! My sons 6th birthday cake for a camping themed party.
 I made all the decorations for the cake by hand. I used many different candies to construct the various different parts of this cake. TONS of work but oh so cute!
Oh, and yes the bears are wearing clothes. Including but not limited to a life jacket and fanny pack. Hee, hee.
 And my last cake for today is a smiling little Dora for my daughter's 2nd birthday.
Thanks so much for taking the time to check my cakes out. They are far from perfect but I sure have had a lot of fun making them!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Serious Time Management..

I got this wonderful sewing machine from a mommy friend! I’ve been looking for a good working sewing machine for a while and just couldn’t pass this up. I’ve been super excited to use it for like months now…… :0)


I found these brand new Gap jeans for Jordan at once Upon a Child (a local children’s clothing store). Tags and everything still attached. They wanted $10 for them but I noticed that the seem was split so they knocked the price down to $5!! Woohoo!


I decided that these wonderful jeans would be my first sewing project as I have been trying to find something to sew on my new machine for far to long now.

The good news? The seem is fixed. Bravo.

The bad? It took me an hour and a half.

I mean pathetic. I spend all this time getting everything set up, 35 minutes reading all the directions to sew for a whopping 30 seconds. And I’m serious it literally took me 30 seconds to sew the jeans.

Buuut…I read to whole entire manual and for me that’s a serious accomplishment. Oh and I completed my first sewing project. ;o)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Bathroom Light/Fan Works!!!

3/11 - WOOHOO! I know…I know….silly. But after almost a year of the most hideous screeching sound every time the light was turned on this makes me very happy! I was not happy when I came home to this: 620But after everything was put back together and it looked and worked wonderfully I was thrilled! :o) So much nicer then the old one.622623