Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm a Truly Authentic Mom

So well over a month ago recently a friend Kelly tagged me and I have been working on this ever since. Not only is it harder then you would think to come up with 5 Mommy facts but I have had to rewrite this 3 times! Blogger apparently hates me....

But without further adieu my 5 facts in no particular order...

1. I am a bit obsessed with taking pictures of my children. You would think after having three I would take less now. But no, if anything I take more now then when I first had Jordan. I want to remember all the small moments and I feel like I can really capture that with pictures. My Mother has a very small box that is filled with all the photos from our childhood. I want my kids to have a much bigger box.

2. I am far from perfect and I know it. I am always trying my best though. I try my best to be there for them in their happiest moments always trying to make myself a part of it. I try my best to feed them well. I try my best to always be involved in the little things that make up their days. I try my best to always give extra hugs and kisses and tell them I love them. I try my best to get down on their level and understand what makes them each their own unique individual child. I am always telling myself that I can not do more then I can do and as long as I am always trying my best everything will be great.

3.  I loved being pregnant. Even those moments when I was uncomfortable, when I couldn't get any sleep, every inch of my body ached, and through all the pain associated with three completely natural births, I still loved every moment of it all.

4. I understand that being a mother is the most important thing I can do right now. I pray all the time that I will be a good mom. I love being a mommy. I've always wanted to be one even when I was a child. I try and enjoy every moment no matter how trying or upsetting or wild it is.

5. I am always worrying like crazy, specifically that I'm not doing a good enough job for my kids. I worry I'm unconsciously causing some unseen damage that will come out later in some adult therapy sessions. But I am fully aware that the fact that I worry is because more than anything in this world, I want to be the best mom for my wonderful babies and raise them to be happy, healthy, responsible, loving, caring, generous adults. I believe that although I try not to worry since it really does stress me out, it's actually a good thing. Because every time I worry, I try a little bit harder the next day.

And I think that definitely makes me a Truly Authentic Mom.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Mommy and Me!

As many of you know I organize The Mommy and Me Meetup Group. I started the group up 4 years ago TODAY!! :) It's such an awesome group! We have had over 2400 meetups and have more then 70 members! I've made some awesome friends because of the group! Actually all my close friends I have gained from the group. :) The group has been a life saver for me! It's a place I know I can always go to get questions answered, find something fun to do for the day or enjoy a quiet (or loud :P) evening with the girls! It's such an AWESOME group!

It's amazing to me how fast 4 years has gone by. I started the group thinking "Ok, let's give this a try. It'll probably be a flop, but it's worth a shot." Boy, was I wrong and in the most wonderful way! What a great group it's become! It's taken a ton of time and energy from me but it's so been worth it. I have had the chance to "work" with some great ladies along the way and with their help have really turned this into something that everyone can be extremely proud of. It makes me feel so good knowing that I have built something up from nothing and it's turned into something so great! 

Happy 4th Birthday Mommy and Me!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meal Plan - Week 1/2

One of my New Years Resolutions was to start a dinner meal plan. I'm just getting to it now. Hey...better late then never! It's something that I think will destress me a bit. I plan on making some meals and freezing them too. I am always scrambling to find something for dinner and hope this helps make the dinner process a bit easier for me. Since Jay isn't home 3 nights a week I found that I have been cooking dinner less and less so this hopefully will get me back in the habit.

I plan on posting 2 weeks worth of meal plans at a time, getting all the nonperishable items every 2 weeks and hopefully freezing a few extra meals every couple weeks as well. That way I should have a good backup for those busier days. So that's my plan! :o) Here I go....

Week 2/15/- 2/21
Monday - Sheperd's Pie
This is a yummy one. I've kind of tweaked it a bit for our family but this is what I based it off of.

Tuesday - Taco Casserole x2 (my frozen meal for the week).
Going to try this for the first time. Found it from one of the blogs I follow.

Wednesday - Steak, Potatoes and Salad. 
Once again found this on the blog I follow above.

Thursday - Spaghetti and Meatballs with Salad and French Bread.

Friday - Chili and Cornbread.
Trying this new cornbread recipe. I might switch back to my old one but for now this is what I plan on using. The chili is a combination of a bunch of different recipes that I have found online. I will post the recipe on here later.

Saturday - Pot Roast with veggies.

Sunday - Fajitas
Basic steak fajitas with green/yellow/red peppers and I've added avocado and a bit of salsa for a twist. 

Week 2/22-2/28
Monday -  Taco Salad
Trying this since I thought it sounded yummy!

Tuesday - Chicken Parm x2 (My frozen meal)

Wednesday -Meat Loaf

Thursday - Hot dogs and Pasta Salad.

Friday - Pizza
Making my own dough! Doing a veggie, chicken, onion pizza and another that the kids get to pick toppings for.

Saturday - Cheeseburger Quiche

Sunday - Chicken Salad Family Recipe - Lots of yummy veggies and chicken.