Monday, December 20, 2010

An Awesome Deal!

So Target had a clearance toy deal this Summer and I seriously got such an amazing deal! I got all of this for about $60!! Crazy amazing deal. Thank you Target! These toys covered most all our birthday party invite gifts and I got an awesome start on Christmas shopping! Love it! Just had to share.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

80’s Prom Party!!

*Oct 3rd*

What fun!!!! Some friends of ours invited us to this super “radicle” totally “awesome”,  “outstanding” party! We had a tubular (haha!) time. It was hilarious to see everyone all dressed up. Our hosts did an amazing job with decorations too. It was loads and loads of fun.

IMG_6232Jason and some of his buddies goofing around. Smile with tongue out864

Look at those costumes!835

My friend Tiffany and I…..Lookin’ good girly!IMG_6246Amanda and I. Funny gal!IMG_6239IMG_6265

My rock star 80’s hubby and his friend Sunny.IMG_6307

Haha!! Stroke that leather girl! 809822

The pink girls. Love it!IMG_6288

Oh yeah we had a blast! Totally a night to remember! :0)IMG_6285

Thanks Sunny and Tiff for the invite!