Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Guy in the Green Car....

So the other day I'm driving. Not going anywhere special just me and the three kids in my maroon mini van heading to the grocery store. Yes, that's right, I'm 25 and already I drive the "soccer Mom" vehicle. It's just like the other ones you see with the family stickers on the back. Dog, cat and kids included. You might be thinking what does my mini van have to do with anything? You'll understand why soon.

So there I am just driving along with my windows rolled part of the way down listening to the radio. You know it's one of the very rare occasions where all the kids are quiet for like two seconds and the radio can actually be heard. I'm making my way to the freeway. Of course I chose to go to the store right at 5 o'clock when traffic is crazy. Well okay I'm dealing with it, as I am cursing myself the whole way for being so stupid. I stop at a red light and wait patiently impatiently for it to change. As I am sitting at the light I notice the person in front of me keeps messing with his rear view mirror. I really don't think twice about it. The light turns green and the car in front of me makes its way into the right lane. I'm stuck behind some idiot in a pickup truck doing 5MPH now. Great. I try to get over to the right lane but the car that was in front of me is now right next to me. Double great. I continue to try and get over but this guy is not moving along and is now staring and smiling at me at me. So I decide to slow down even more to try and get in behind this guy. Do you know what he does? He slows down so he stays right next to me! Grrr! This whole time he's continuing to smile at me. I'm starting to get really annoyed. Traffic is crazy and the kids are starting to make noise and bicker. Instantly I feel a headache coming. Finally I am able to get to the right lane. I get on the freeway and lose site of that stupid guy in the green car. Thank God. Well I lose site until he pulls right up next to me on the freeway that is! WTH? He's not slowing down or speeding up but staying right next to me again. He's very close to my van too. He's looking and smiling at me and even waves a few times. I'm totally ignoring him and am really irritated at this point. I slowed down a bit but he stays right next to me. So I sped up a bit. Same thing. He doesn't budge. Really obnoxious! The kids have not started to throw toys and books back and forth. The baby is whaling and I have a monster headache. I'm snapping disciplinary instructions at the kids and trying to drive at the same time. Yet, this idiot is still right next to me smiling and waving. I see my exit coming up. Finally! I flip my blinker and start to make my way further the the right. The guy in the green car follows me over. He then rolls down his window and start waving both his arms at me. At this point I start thinking "Oh, crap! What did I forget? Do I have something hanging out my door?" I figured maybe my gas cap was off or something lame like that. But oh no! He proceeds to yell his phone number out the window at me! Are you kidding me? For real? What a moron.

I just can not get over this. This guy acted completely crazy! I just don't understand what would make someone act like that. Risking peoples lives and looking like an idiot sure doesn't sound fun to me. Despite the fact that he put my life and my children's lives at risk with his idiotic driving but does he really think that screaming his number out a window will win a girl over? I mean seriously come on! 

Okay buddy a bit of advice.....If your going to risk lives acting all crazy at least pick someone who might be interested! Not a woman with 3 KIDS in her maroon MINI VAN!

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