Friday, April 2, 2010

Stole This From a Friend's Blog...Funny!!

I so totally remember...haha!

You know you’re 9 months pregnant when…

  • You can't roll over in bed without feeling like a whale.
  • You constantly feel like you have to pee but get to the bathroom and you're disappointed that you peed so little when you thought you really had to go.
  • when you spend more time in the bathroom than any other room in the house.
  • your nesting instinct is really strong but you don't have the energy to do anything.
  • You no longer care about having hairy legs.
  • You cant paint your own toenails anymore.
  • The only shoes you wear are ones that slide on.
  • When everyone irritates you!
  • Finding clothes to wear is a never ending battle, especially ones that cover the bottom half of your tummy.
  • You let your 3 yr old go to bed without a bath because you don't feel like giving him one.
  • your heartburn is more painful then the thought of labor.
  • When you go through a roll of TP within 6 hours
  • When even your maternity pants are too tight.
  • sincerely start sympathizing with bugs on the sidewalk that are overturned and flailing around to get upright.

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