Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Finished Baking Projects

I have no clue why this wasn't posted before but this was my first attempt at making my own cookies and icing from scratch. I do have to say I am very proud of these cookies!!! :) I think they turned out totally cute.
As I have stated before I am no baker. I have never made an edible cookie from scratch and I have most definitely never made cute little gift baskets to hand out to friends and neighbors. Filled with lots of goodies I made all myself I might add! Including cookies, fudge, chocolates, mints and candy canes. Yummmmm! 
Everyone said they really liked (and ate, lol) everything I made! Some even asked for seconds of the fudge. Awfully proud baker here! :o)

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  1. Those look great Thi! If you ever want to get together for some baking, let me know. I have some great and easy recipes that I could show you.